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Business details

The Internet has helped many businesses grow rapidly over the last few years. One of these sources is due to the deployment of many business directories that display individual business details. is a fast growing website, seeing many business owners purchasing paid advertising as our visitor traffic grows. Our advertisers (businesses & companies) can provide the following details to display in their listing:

  • Business name
  • Address and location
  • Phone/fax numbers
  • Mobile/cell number
  • Contact details including name and position
  • Website/email address
  • The size /number of employees
  • Turnover

We believe the above information is necessarily for consumer to generate business lead for business owners.

We are also committed to use other social media and search engine to drive traffic through this website in order for your business to receive more enquiries and sales leads.

Privacy and Security

Here at Ecommerce Local we are committed to provide secure services for our clients by protecting our database from hackers or cyber attacks. We store all files in a secure location. Also we filter all input information from scripts making it impossible for spammers to gain access to your private business details.

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At Ecommerce Local we have designed this website to be search engine friendly by implementing the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. We focus on Google search engine and we are very careful to publish any duplicated contents making Ecommerce Local data unique and genuine. We encourage all our users to publish fresh and unique data to be search engine friendly. While we are committed to provide our users the latest data, we also focused on page speed loading. We ensure that your business details are viewed within less than 4 seconds. However most of our pages load within 1 second.